Production, Receipt, and Shipment Management

PalMate ERP users can streamline operation by adding Plant Floor as a companion application. As an add-on application, it integrates the plant operation with the back office. Data tracking can be done using a touch screen interface, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

Monitor materials and finished goods in real time as they move through the production process.

Plant Floor reduces paperwork and duplication of effort. Plant personnel enter their production directly into PalMate via Plant Floor. Material costs are automatically recorded in production. Entering data at the source eliminates the need to hand write the information for back office personnel to key into PalMate.

Not only is inventory tracked, but labor costs are recorded and added to the inventory valuation. Reporting in PalMate provides the accurate cost for work in progress and finished goods.

Plant Floor works with a wide range of hardware products for mobility of capturing data.


The time clock function eliminates the need for punch clocks and hand entering daily punches.

Using Plant Floor with an automated repair line records receipts, updates inventory and records employee compensation.

Simplified entry of receiving and shipping as it occurs.