Process Management Software For The Pallet And Timber Industries

The PalMate Group is a team of people making technology work for the pallet and timber industries. People without technology lack the resources to be competitive and technology without people lacks its full value. The marriage of people and technology is what sets The PalMate Group apart from the crowd.

As part of the Automated Machine Systems family, our group has over a twenty-year background in the pallet and lumber industries. With that history comes invaluable experience in responding to the needs of our clientele.

Together our software solutions demonstrate our ongoing commitment to address the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

We invite you to explore our product line further at their respective web pages. Talk to our people to get greater insight on how The PalMate Group can assist in streamlining your enterprise’s processes. The difference made by people and technology working together will be evident.

PalMate ERP, the flagship offering of The PalMate Group, is being used on five continents and continues to evolve with the changing needs of businesses.

PalDraw, our first offering, remains an easy to use pallet drawing program.

Plant Floor puts recording of plant production closer to where the production occurs. Freeing the office staff to do the administrative functions.

PalMate Portal continues to evolve in partnership with our clients. We are finding new ways for it to provide information and make online ordering a valuable alternative to the traditional means of ordering.

PalQuote is our most recently released product. Creating quotes and assisting in the sales process was a need looking for a solution. PalQuote is the solution.